A Love Story- A night to remember.

>> Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chapter 5

Soumya had left in hurry. Her flat was in a big mess. She tried to do disaster management before Aryan came up. She didnt want him to think that she is sloppy. She cleared the hall of all the mess and was working on the bedroom when Aryan came in.

"Hey, you got a awesome flat"

" You wouldn't say that if you see the bedroom" , Soumya quipped.

Aryan walked to the bedroom and guffawed. " Oh my god, So you are not perfect. I was afraid of it".

" Don't make fun of me" , she replied embarrassed.

" No, I am not. I am relieved. I was afraid to invite you to my place. Now I can" he said.

"Oh well, pinky is stirring lets put her on the bed and then you can help me clear."

" Keep dreaming sweetheart. Me and help? "

" Brute!"

He bowed and she left huffily to clear the bed of all her clothes.

"Put some music na? And yeah make yourself at home in the kitchen and grab anything you like" she said.

Aryan walked over to the CD collection she had. Bryan adams, Creed, Ghazals and songs of Kishore kumaar. He knew their choice were same.. but to see all the songs he wanted in there made him to dream..

Soumya was busy cleaning. She was glad he didnt take her offer. ' Imagine him looking at her undergarments strewn....' She went red with shame. She remembered how many times she changed her clothes. 'Stupid you soumya!'

She realized no music is coming and no noise too. She had cleared the bed and other such assortments. Soumya wasn't sloppy. So more or less her flat was clean. She moved to hall and saw Aryan dreaming. She hoped he was dreaming about her. 'Wishful thinking!' Her very practical brain reminded.

She moved in softly, picked Pinky who was snoring softly and moved her to the bed and changed her clothes to something soft. She had some night clothes for her sister's kid who visited her sometime. Then she moved to kitchen and to make coffee.

All this time Aryan was busy dreaming a perfect night together. He could see how beautiful his future could be .. Together

He was interrupted by a sound. He turned to see Soumya take Pinky into the bedroom. It was such a sweet sight to see. A lady whom he loved was putting the girl he loved to bed. Nothing was as touching as this....

Sighing, Aryan followed Soumya to the kitchen. Now that Pinky is not with them, the tension that was thrumming in the background all through the day surfaced. Both were afraid to talk. Afraid to take the next step. All Soumya wanted was to kiss him.. and she knew it was dangerous. She knew now if she slips, she may never ever recover. And it was dangerous because she didnt want to recover.

The silence extended for long. Soumya acted as if she was very busy making coffee and Aryan as if he is looking around.. The silence was broken by the coffee maker. Soumya poured it in two cups and offered it to Aryan.

Their fingers brushed each other. It was as if electric shock coursed through Soumya's body. That awareness of each and every pore of herself.. the acute pleasure that a casual touch evoked in her was something she had never experienced.

Aryan was never affected by anyone as this delightful creature with moussed hair... obviously pinky was her usual self he grinned. All Aryan wanted was to love her. Tenderly and softly. ?He wanted to show how much he loved her. But he wasnt sure... He cannot destroy this friendship...

Soumya was gorgeous successful and beautiful. He wasnt sure he was the one for her. Aryan cleared his throat and said huskily,

" you remembered . Just as I like. strong hot and a dash of sugar and a dash of milk"

" Didnt need much of a remembering.. thats how I take it!" , she replied..

Their eyes met for the first time in the kitchen. Aryan could see desire in her. But was that love? He was not sophisticated enough to screw and forget....

Soumya knew he wanted him. But the romantic heart wanted to be wooed.. she wanted him to make the first move!

And then she lowered her eyes, took a sip and lowered the cup. The cup fell with a thud as Aryan tried to catch it...At the same time soumya reached for it. Their hands met once again.

Later when she looked back Soumya wasnt sure who started it but they shared a kiss. Lip to lip. There are no words to describe the feelings the pleasure.. It was a kiss of love and that should suffice.

In that brief moment, Aryan went to heaven and came back. It was never like this not even with Prachi in their best of the days.. Surely she loves him??

Soumya resurfaced from the whirlpool of emotions she was drowning into. '
'Omigod!' She thought. 'This is better than what I thought it would be. If it goes any further I will surely drown. I need to resurface. What if he doesnt love me? Can I live without this?'

Suddenly she broke the kiss and said.. " Lets move to the patio. It has wonderful view of the lake. Especially in the moonlight it looks awesome"
Aryan wanted to ask what went wrong. She had enjoyed it needed it as much as he did. Why did she freeze so? He felt like a fool. Ofcourse she didnt like it.. who was he kidding! She is used to better kissers than he ever could be. He followed her in silence.

Once they reached patio she said, " I will bring something to munch and a coffee for myself".

He understood her need to be alone for sometime. He needed to think. control his emotions. He decided to say sorry and that it won't repeat again.

Soumya cleaned the floor and thought about the kiss again. It was wonderful. She decided to let cautions fly in the wind and take from life whatever she can get. After all its better to experience once than not to experience at all. She returned with a smile on her face all ready to let the moonlight do its magic.

She saw him smoking. The moment she returned, he turned. From his face she knew something is wrong. she froze. May be he didnt like it as much as she did. She was afraid and gave a tremulous smile.. This is the first time she felt insecure... first time it meant so much more than just a kiss ..

With no further ado he said, " Soumya, I am sorry. This shouldn't have happened. Forgive me. I shouldnt have kissed you!"

She was taken aback. Only pride was her solace. She replied " And what makes you think that I would have let you kiss if i didnt wish so?" " And you are right this was a mistake and shouldn't be repeated".

Aryan was hurt. He never knew it could hurt like this. Within a few minutes, he has seen heaven and hell both.

"Soumya, please. I didnt want to hurt you... Its just that...." , Aryan said miserably. As he said he knew it was a terrible mistake.
Excuse me. I am not hurt. I was disgusted that you can think you can kiss me and then apologize! We are not teenagers! We are consenting adults who decided to explore possibilities. Too bad it didnt work out. Now lets drop this subject", Soumya replied.
She saw him visibly cringe but she couldnt stop herself. She has to survive.
" yes you are right." "Good night soumya. ", Aryan replied dully.

" Please sleep with Pinky. I will sleep in the hall."

" No. No. Please you sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the sofa" He cannot think of sleeping on her bed feeling her smell and living through the night. How will he live through the night!

" ahem. Being chivalrous are we?", Soumya couldnt believe that they are talking about normal stuff.
"Nothing like that Soumya. I cannot bear to sleep in your bed" , He replied.

" But can share my home for the night is it? Oh alrite take the sofa". She misunderstood him completely.

He was furious but he didnt say anything. He knew if he did he wouldnt be in control of himself. He left mutely.

Soumya cried all night. How can her dream come true turn into a night mare? She cried herself to sleep.


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