A Love Story-Day out in Essel world.

>> Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chapter 4

Soumya had a bad time sleeping that night. She was too excited. The whole magical evening went through her mind again and again. She remembered the way Aryan looked at her. She had imagined it many times but she didn't even come close enough to the truth.

Her conversation with Sunitha though hurt her but in the hindsight she realised its for the best! If Aryan's best friends are worried means he does care for her! There is hope. It improved her mood a lot the next morning.

After day dreaming most of the night, Soumya woke up late. She was disorganised. She was facing the most difficult task in the world, which I am sure my female readers would symphatize with and male readers would be derisive about! What to wear! Soumya wanted to seem friendly, sexy elegant yet comfortable to roughen it out.

She finally decided to wear a black capris with pink embroidery and a sleeveless pink halter top. She had a chic black purse to go with it and for accessories she chose a teardrop pink earrings and a plain thin golden chain with a pendant of angel. After getting ready hastily she gave a last glance at herself. 'Not bad for a 15 min make up' she thought.

She was late. Pinky had been waiting for 30 min by the window impatient! Sunitha had time and again asked her to have breakfast but Pinky refused. Finally, Aryan had to feed her. In that confusion they missed Soumya's coming!

Soumya reached the flat. She saw the door was open and there was a lot of commotion. Evidently Pinky was being naughty. It warmed her heart. She entered to see Pinky sitting on the window and Aryan feeding her. Something clutched in heart. She knew at that moment she will kill for these two people if needed. She realised she was in love with pinky juss like that.

Finally, Pinky saw her and she ran to her and hugged her tight!

' What aunty you are late!" , pinky complained.
"Thank god that i atleast came", Soumya retorted and kissed pinky. She looked at Aryan, there was a weird exprerssion on aryan's face. She didnt understand it. She looked at him askance. He shook his head indicating nothing. She let it go.

"Finally you are here! Pinky was waiting for you since an hour and making all us frantic too", Sunitha said in mock exasperation.

Every one laughed. Shyly, Pinky tucked behind Soumya and clung to her. It was so beautiful. Its how Aryan had dreamed. He knew now for sure, he has to be with soumya. He wished he had taken time to know her when they were in college.

Finally they sat in the car and started towards Gorai. All through the way they kept blasting music and singing along. It was a fun ride for all of them.

They reached Essel world and the mayhem began! Any one with a small kid knows how exhuberent they are and how difficult it is to control them. It was complete chaos! And Aryan had his hand full coz he dint have one but two kiddoes on his hand!
Soumya and Pinky tried every ride! From artic circle to Zipper dipper. for bump them car to thunder

They had countless ice creams. And god knows what. And there were many special moments when their eyes met. That special secret smiles and glances.

Especially during the aqua dive! They screamed and in the fall from the height , Soumya held his hand instinctively. Aryan held on even when she tugged it. When she looked at him, he gave a flirtatious smile and said ' thama hai haat mera toh umr bhar nibhana'

And he and pinky started gigling. Soumya blushed till her roots. By the tine it was evening they were dead tired and they decided to take it easy. They juss roamed.

Finally, pinky started feeling sleepy and they decided to return.

Soumya suggested dropping by her flat and Aryan readily agreed.Aryan was driving and Pinky was sleeping in the back. Soumya laid her head on the head rest and closed her eyes. Aryan looked at her through the mirror. How tired she was and still so beautiful. She had this easy fun side that Aryan never knew about. Pinky liked her a lot and enjoyed the day like she never had before. Aryan was thankful to god that Soumya was in his life now and he has got second chance hopefully.

Aryan could n't contain himself, he slowly touched her face. And Soumya opened her eyes. There was so much feelings in Aryan's eyes. Soumya didnt know what to do. All her sophistication left her. She was the same gawky gal who would stare at Aryan. Suddenly they heard a loud horn.

Aryan returned his glance back to the road. He was about to kiss her! 'My god! I don't know if she wants me. what if she was offended and stopped the friendship?'

Soumya cursed the driver who blew the horn. Aryan was going to kiss her. Their very first!

They had a very awkward silence. Thank god that they reached her building. She lived near Powai lake on a tarrace flat on 25th Floor. She went ahead to open the door while Aryan parked the car and carried Pinky up.


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