A Love Story - The First Meeting

>> Sunday, April 8, 2007

Chapter 3

Sea and rocks have been a havan for lovers since long. The clashing of waves on to the rocks have sparked many a passion. It has witnessed many moans and drowned it in its overpowering roars. It has secrets untold if only you listen. On such an beautiful evening, in throes of love, Soumya was waiting for Aryan. Dreaming and apprehensive. After all those years of waiting, finally Aryan can be hers. She was terrified that he wouldn't. Then what would be left for her? Only fact that Aryan will still be hers kept her going. The wobbly and clumsy gal is long gone, buried below the layer of sophistication. It wasn't easily achieved. We won't talk about the endless years of pain and humiliation and despair. That is best left in the past. Right now, I would like you to imagine a lady in love. Anticipating her lover any minute. The sweet and shy smile needs to be seen to know. I am sure the observant of your lot would agree how invaluable that smile is......

The mobile rings."Hello Aryan?"

"No sweetheart its me Raj. Kya baat hai mujhe bhool gayi?" 'Did you forget me?'

" No sweetie, Its just that I was expecting another call."

"Oh! Then let me keep the phone" , Raj said hurt. Raj is a good friend but very sensitive.

"Darling, listen. I was waiting for Aryan's call. We are finally meeting! After 15 years"

The happiness in Soumya's voice was infectious.

Raj laughed. " This calls for a party. So when do I get all the details. haan....??? " "Next time, I wanna meet him! Who is this guy who can make my angel forget me? " , he teases.

"If there is a next time", Soumya quipped.

"Sweetheart, he will be an idiot not to. You are the best"

"Thanks darling. So hows your wife?"

"Doing great. By the way she will need the details too. Please save my breath and come home for dinner okay?"

"We will see"

" Please. You know her countless questions. She makes me mad."

"She wants you mad. Says you are really very good when you are mad" , Soumya teased.

"Ha ha ha. That is so not true. I am always very good"

" Vain as a peacock"

" Boo!"

" Acchha suno you keep the phone alright?"

"Yes ,Ma'am. If only you promise to come"

" Wouldn't miss it for any reason. I love Jenny's cooking"

"And not mine?" , he said in mock hurt.

"Darling,I like everything about you " , She replied. This is their age old game spanning 10 years when Soumya first met him. And even then Raj was happily engaged. No sparks between them ever just plain friendship, such friendship is hard to find. Soumya knew that and cherished it. He is the only one who knows her bleak past that we decided not to talk about. Soumya was smiling. There is no better way than to start a new chapter in her life than with wishes from Raj.

Raj was concerned about Soumya. Although he didnt want to say anything to her. He didnt want her to be used. He wondered if he can love again like Aryan seems to be? Probably he must be using her. He decided to do some discreet probing once he meets her, Soumya hates when people worries for her.

Meanwhile, Soumya was impatient. She wanted to see the sunset with Aryan. Ahem! The fickle mind, earlier she wouldn't have thought about it and now she is irked by the fact that he isn't here yet. Soumya tried to call him.

At the same time, Aryan was bushed. So much crowd, he couldn't board the train. Ah the multitude of trafffic and the crowd of Mumbai trains. A taste acquired. Aryan was not thinking about it though. He was busy calling Saumya to notice the crowd or the pushes n pulls of the train (How boring! I would have so enjoyed it...) But it was coming busy. He was miffed. How can she be busy talking to someone else when she is meeting him for the first time? Has he read the signals wrong?
May be she is not very interested in meeting him, Just out of decency! He felt stupid coming. Felt like going back.( Just imagine what he would have missed if he had walked back!!)

Finally, Aryan reached Marine drive. The beautiful shoreline adorning Mumbai. The Queens necklace. The sun was just setting. Aryan found her sitting and gazing the setting sun. He had to hold his breath. She was beautiful. Drenched in red glow of setting sun, she looked like a golden goddess. Flaxen black hair flowing down to her midriff, like most South Indians. Dressed in a simple salwar kameez in red. It would look gaudy on anyone but her. She had this flair for understated elegance in whatever she wears.

Aryan stood there looking at her, again beset by doubts, this could be a beautiful start or earth shattering end. For him at least. He can't fall in love again. Not after Soumya . And then slowly she turned around. Some third sense told her Aryan is here. And they stood there looking at each other. It seemed that world had stopped. Nothing was there but them. Words weren't needed to express their happiness their need.... Aryan moved forward to hug her, but Soumya gave her hand to shake and he stopped.

"Hello", she said

"Finally we meet"

"Yes, I am so glad!"

"Me too"

"I have so much to ask you so much to tell!, shall we catch it over the coffee cup?"

"Yeah sure!"

“ How was your trip?”

“Fine” , he replied in monosyllable.

“ Hows your daughter?”

“Fine”.Aryan was thinking, 'Is this what I was waiting for? It is a mistake.'

It was a wonderful setting, a handsome man a beautiful woman, madly in love. The breeze was gently teasing them. The soothing music in the back ground. The pink sky of the summer evening suffusing good humour all over. Aryan could not take his eyes off the way Soumya's hair was whisked by the breeze. It took conscious effort to not put her hair back behind her ears. Soumya was looking out and not at him. He wondered if that is good or not. On one hand he was glad he could see her without restraint and on the other hand he wanted her to look at him and not the view. 'God! I am jealous of the view! What the heck is wrong with me?'

Soumya was distraught. She didn't know what to do! She wanted to talk but she didn't know what! 'Why are we so uncomfortable? Where did all the comfort level go? We talked so well on fone on chat! Why are we so uncomfy??? Why am I feeling shy? Not after all these years. God help me! I have waited for this so long!”

Soumya turns to Aryan and tries again, “ Why didn't you bring Pinky?. I have brought a gift for her. I want to meet her so much.”

“I just thought, its better we met first”

“Ah you wanted to be sure I am good for your little princess”

“You know you are the best thing that can happen to my child. In fact you are the best thing that happened to me”

“Shut up. Don't make me into something I am not and don't change the topic. When do I get to meet her?”

“You can meet her anytime you want”

“Why not now then??”

“She was playing with kids there didn't want to come”

“But I can come”

“Oh great! that way I can introduce you to Akshay!”

“Why not? I know them. Not personally. Our company did a project for him”

“Son of the bitch didn't tell me that at all”

“You guys discussed me? And they say women are gossipy!” , Soumya smirked

“Ha ha ha . Trust you to comment on that” , Aryan returned in good humour.

The ice was broken. They spent talking ,teasing and laughing all the way to Akshay's place. They had found their rhythm.

They reached home. Akshay and Sunitha were glad to see Aryan so happy so was Pinky.

Sunitha discretely asked Soumya " You seem to be very taken with Aryan"

"Yes I am! He is a chum"

"That he is. Only don't hurt him. I don't want to beat around the bush. It may be easy for you to move from relationship to relationship not him. He is too emotional. Please consider that"

"Aryan is lucky to have such concerned friends. But he is an adult and so am I. I wouldnt ever hurt him. We know exactly where we stand. There is no lies between us", Soumya replied coldly. Sunitha's word stinged.

Aryan came over to see what they were talking. He had some idea and he didnt want Sunitha to make a fool of herself.

"Whats this wishpering? Let us into the secret too"

"Hardly, We don't gossip like fishermen", Soumya quipped.

"Touche", Aryan had the grace to wince.

"Oh its almost 10:00 pm! I got to go. Long day", Soumya said picking her purse.

"Soumya aunty, rukho na! Tell me good night story and go ", Pnky wailed.

"Okay. Come i will tuck you in"

Soumya took Pinky to the bed. Told her a nice story. Kissed her good night. By the time Pinky slept it was 11:00 pm. After saying quick good night she left.

Adults underestimate kids. They think kids don't understand, but they do more than adults. They think straight without any ego. Thats why Pinky was ready to be friends with Soumya. She wanted her daddy to be happy and she knew it before her daddy himself that it lies with Soumya. She had seen him cry late in nights when he thought no one sees. She did. And for the same reason, she won't ever forgive her mother. As expected Pinky and Soumya went along real fine after all both wanted to make the person they love the most happy.

They had decided to go to Esselworld the next day. Soumya , Pinky and Aryan. Akshay and Sunitha wiser in the ways of love, knew this was the occasion they should miss and made their excuses.

That night, for the first time Pinky felt happy. She had decided, she would do anything to bring Aryan and Soumya togather. It would be her little secret and her gift to her Beloved Daddy! She prayed to god that the angel Soumya aunty, always stay in her life. ' They say God listens to the innocent child the most. Seems like it isn't it?'

Soumya was pleasantly tired. She was so excited about tomorrow! She didn't want to sleep. She dreamed all night. Sweet and tender.

Aryan was warmed by the way Soumya put Pinky to sleep.It was the dream he saw for him and Prachi! It seemed so right with Soumya.In a way, he never fitted with Prachi. Being with Soumya made him realize how wrong he and Prachi were-As a couple. He was glad things turned out so fine. For a moment he imagined that Soumya was his wife. It felt so wonderful. But his dreams weren't just for Soumya as a mother of the child. It was for Soumya as his wife, Coz readers, Soumya was an extremely desirable lady and Aryan a full hot red blooded male.


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